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American Memory from the Library of Congress
Primary source and archival materials relating to American culture and history.
These historical collections are the key contribution of the Library of Congress to the National Digital Library

Search the Educational Resources Information Center of the National Library of Education.

Astronomical Image Library
Find images of a particular object in space.

Awesome Library
Search 12,000 carefully reviewed resources.

Search for publications and books through the CARL network.

Electric Library
Conduct real research over the Internet, using a deep database of reliable sources.

Fitness Library
Searchable repository of the best-known health and fitness FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), as well as an archive of significant recent contributions to health and fitness newsgroups.

GNA Meta Library Search
Keyword search of the catalog of online courses produced by the Globewide Network Academy.

Good Health Library
Search the Health Library.

The Internet Public Library
Search by author, by title, or by Dewey Subject Classification.

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